Vicky McClure joins ITV2 comedy Action Team

Wednesday 6th September 2017, 11:07am

  • Vicky McClure has joined the cast of Action Team, a new sitcom from ITV2
  • She will play the head of the team of special agents in the spoof spy action-thriller
  • The six-part series will be shown on ITV2 in the Spring of 2018

Vicky McClure has joined the cast of Action Team, ITV2‘s spoof spy action-thriller.

To date, McClure is best known for her roles in serious detective dramas such as Line Of Duty and Broadchurch. In Action Team she will play Ruth Brooks, the head of a team of top-secret special agents working for the British Government.

As previously announced, Tom Davis, Jim Howick, Kayode Ewumi and Laura Checkley will play the elusive ‘Action Team’ who are tasked with saving the world.

The six-part series is being produced by the creative talent behind the award-winning Murder In Successville. Tom Davis, who has written the show with James De Frond, said at the time the show was announced: “Every year I sit there as the bookies predict who they think will play the next James Bond and I’m always left off the list, so I’ve decided to do something about it.”

Describing the format, Saskia Schuster, ITV‘s Comedy Commissioner, says: “Think The Naked Gun meets The Bourne Identity in this high octane, big scale comedy featuring a dysfunctional group of spies. Fast paced, high concept and crammed with silly jokes.”

Action Team will be on ITV2 in the Spring of 2018.

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