Rob Beckett to star in BBC Comedy Playhouse pilot

Wednesday 26th July 2017, 8:00pm

Stand-up comedian Rob Beckett is to star in a new BBC sitcom pilot.

Static is a studio audience comedy about a twenty-something man who quits a job in London to move back in with his parents in their southeast London family home, only to discover they’ve just sold the house and moved to a static caravan park in Margate.

The BBC explains: “Not only is Rob now jobless, but he’s now having to live on a sofabed in his parents’ caravan in a holiday park 80 miles from London whilst he figures out his next move.

“It seems like a disaster to begin with, but his mum’s delighted to have someone to cook for, and his dad’s figured out how to get thousands of football channels on the telly. Before long Rob’s getting used to being with mum and dad again, and through them he’s quickly drawn into the world of the park, not to mention the extraordinary characters within it.

“The question is – how quickly can Rob get back on his feet and back to London? And, as time goes on – how much does he really want to? Because despite the crippling FOMO Rob feels whenever he Facetimes his best mate back in the city, there’s definitely some benefits to living like a retired person when you’re in your twenties. Not least when there’s a smart and sassy girl working behind the clubhouse bar.

Static is at heart a family sitcom – warm, working-class, multi-generational and broad, with acutely and affectionately observed characters. And some cracking nicknames.”

Static has been co-written by Rob Beckett and Shaun Pye. As previously revealed, Phil Davis will play the father role. Alison Steadman will play Rob’s mum, and Samson Kayo is Rob’s best friend.

Rob Beckett says: “I always want to stretch myself as a writer and a performer and challenge myself to tackle different issues and genres. However, that’s really hard work. So what I’ve done is knock up a sitcom about a working class bloke from London called Rob who has to move back in with his parents who are coincidentally exactly the same as mine in real life. The only difference is their names which I’ve had to change in the show so my real parents don’t sue me for royalties.”

Static will be filmed in front of a studio audience on Tuesday 15th August (Tickets). Made by Zeppotron, the pilot will be produced by John Pocock and directed by Ed Bye.

Static is one of three new Comedy Playhouse pilots announced for 2017, alongside Mister Winner and Tim Vine Travels Through Time. In total, the BBC has announced twelve new pilots. Full list

The new Comedy Playhouse season is expected to start on BBC One in late September.

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