Channel 4 orders Lookalikes Series 2

Thursday 27th April 2017, 1:18pm

  • Channel 4 has ordered another series of structured reality comedy show Lookalikes
  • The format follows the adventures of lookalike agency owners And and his roster of stars
  • Four new episodes are being made for broadcast on Channel 4 later this year

Channel 4 has ordered another series of Lookalikes, its structured reality series about a lookalike agency on the south coast.

The recommission follows the success of a 2015 pilot episode and subsequent first series, which was broadcast in April last year.

The Lookalikes format, which is described by the producers as a “scripted comedy/reality show hybrid”, follows the antics of a premier lookalike agency, supplying celebrity lookalikes for various events. Whilst the agencies and situations presented in the series are fictional, the impersonators and their personalities are real.

Agency owner, long suffering David Beckham impersonator Andy Harmer, and his rabble-rousing David Brent lookalike, Tim Oliver, were at the centre of events in the episodes broadcast to date.

Representing everyone from ‘Tom Cruise’ to ‘Gordon Ramsay’, and ‘Samuel L Jackson’ to ‘Katie Price’, the agency struggles with unprofessional staff and changing tastes that mean hiring and firing to keep their roster of talent up to date.

Channel 4 explains: “Just like their celebrity alter egos, the lookalikes aren’t always the most straightforward people to manage, and every job brings high drama, difficult clients and some questionable management decisions. The show charts the antics of the agency and the almost-famous faces on their books as they struggle with the pitfalls of being in the lookalikes world and the fluctuating popularity of their celebrity lookalikes.

“The tongue-in-cheek- series which mixes scripted comedy with structured reality show techniques, offers a wry and irreverent take on famous faces to chart the highs and lows of the entertainment industry.”

Series 2 will consist of four half-hour episodes.

Executive Producer Jonathan Stadlen says: “Thanks to Channel 4 giving us another series, we’ve been able to assemble the best lookalikes money can buy from the UK and across the globe to star in Series 2, which is even more of a scripted comedy / reality hybrid than before. We hope the lines between what’s real and what just looks like it’s real is more blurred than ever.”

Lookalikes will air on Channel 4 later this year.

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